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The following transcriptions are two documents relating to the rural property owned by six members of the Ragnarokr commune. The first document states that the land is held by George and Philip Mullins in trust for the other owners (who are referred to as beneficiaries). The second document deals with the sale of Chris Risk’s share of the property to Philip Mullins. The four individuals who signed the document affirmed that they would not compromise the title in any way. By then Chris Risk and Randy Rauton had been added to the title deed (along with George and Philip Mullins) as joint tenants. In 1980, after both Philip and Chris had left Ontario, Philip paid Chris $3,000 in installments for his share of the 100-acre Frostpocket.

Land Document #1: Declaration of Trust

Be it known that George Mullins and Philip Mullins, herein known as the trustees, do hold legal title to Lot 19, Second Concession, in the Township of Machar, in Parry Sound District in trust for Norman O’Dell, Mary Rauton, Randy Rauton, Steve Spring, Christopher Risk, Philip Mullins and George Mullins, herein known as the beneficiaries.

The said trustees do hereby undertake to in no way sell, make mortgages, incur liens, neglect to pay taxes or assessments levied against the property as described or in any other way compromise good title to the above described land without written consent of those beneficiaries whose whereabouts shall at that time be known to said trustees.

Neither shall they enter into any agreement with respect to the above described land with any person whatsoever for use, easement, encroachment, right of way, etc, without written consent of those beneficiaries whose whereabouts shall at that time be known to the said trustees.

This declaration shall not come into effect until such time as Norman O’Dell and Christopher Risk shall have jointly paid to Madelyn Averitte the sum of six hundred dollars ($600.00) and the remaining five beneficiaries the sum of four hundred dollars ($400.00) which amount shall be equally distributed among those five, which is to say, eighty dollars ($80.00) each.

Witness our hand at Lt. 19, Conc. 2, Township of Machar, District of Parry Sound, Province of Ontario, this seventh day of October, 1972.

Signed by George Mullins and Philip Mullins Witnessed by Mary Rauton, Colleen Anderson, Chris J Risk, Norman O’Dell

Land Document #2: Consent Agreement

To Whom It May Concern:

We, the undersigned, are joint tenants of a property in Parry Sound District, Province of Ontario, consisting of one-hundred acres described as Lot 19, Concession 2, Machar Township.

We hereby jointly declare that we have no intention to sell or otherwise dispose of this property. Nor can we consent to the use of this property as collateral or as a surety for a loan of monies or other goods or services to one or any of us. We further jointly declare that no one of us can sell or otherwise dispose of his share of this property without our mutual consent.

Signed this 15th day of July, 1979, at Lot 19, Concession 2, Machar Township, Parry Sound District.

Signature of Philip M. Mullins

Signature of R. Rauton

Signature of Chris Risk

Witness: Signature of George Mullins

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