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The Slum Goddess was a co-operative gallery space that was opened by some of the people living at the house at 418 Dundas Street in the spring of 1969. It was located in a one-story warehouse/garage space in the alley between Baldwin Street and D’Arcy Street where the Mon Song Old Folks home now stands. Chuck Wall and Lisa Steele lived in the small office area to the rear of the warehouse in order to pay the rent on the building. The project was short lived. A City of Toronto inspector told Chuck and Lisa that they could not live in the space and told them to find other accomodations. Without the income from their rent, the Slum Goddess closed down.

Like most of the enterprises on Baldwin Street, the gallery was a group effort. Dave Woodward, who had helped organize the Yellow Ford Truck store, had a hand in organizing the Slum Goddess as well. Dave described his involvement in a February 17, 1969 letter to Carol Hueber.

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