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The craftsmen at the Ragnarokr Leather Shop made many leather items although the shop specialized in accessories, sandals and battery belts. Sandals were a seasonal item that sold well only in the spring and summer months. Clothing accessories such as belts and bags sold throughout the year and accounted for most retail sales during the last four months of each year. Clothing accessories were also sold on a wholesale basis.

During the first ten years of its existence the shop had a large wholesale trade in clothing accessories. Those orders were written in late summer and had to be shipped prior to Christmas. As soon as the wholesale orders were shipped in October the shop personnel began to make items for sale in-house during the Christmas season. What little activity occurred in January was related to returns from the Christmas sales and specialty items such as cases. There was very little sales activity between January and April when customers began to order sandals for the summer season. Hot summer weather kept the craftsmen busy making and repairing sandals until later summer.

Most of the shop’s wholesale accounts were gift stores in small Ontario cities. These stores ordered clothing accessories as well as gift items. Gift stores usually marked their retail price at twice the wholesale price. A second wholesale item was battery belts. Battery belts were made for use with battery-powered hand-held cameras. The Ragnarokr Leather Shop made the leather belts and another company installed the wiring and the rechargeable batteries. Ragnarokr made battery belts for several different companies. Ragnarokr’s battery belts were made from leather which proved more durable than competing plastic belts. In the mid-1980s camera technology changed and this market disappeared.

The following is an inventory of the goods sold during the 1973 Christmas gift season.


Inventory 1973

This inventory of retail sales was made in November-December 1973 to record the sales made during the Christmas gift season at the Ragnarokr Leather Shop. Similar inventories was prepared on a periodic basis and used to trend changing fashions. All the leather goods in the inventory were produced by the craftsmen at the Ragnarokr leather shop in Toronto and South River. Jobbed goods are products that were purchased by the leather shop for resale to the public.

Leather bags

10 bags priced at $40 and up

7 bags priced at $35 to $40

3 bags priced at $30 to $35

16 bags priced at $25 to $30

18 bags priced at $20 to $25

9 bags priced at $15 to $20

4 bags priced at under $10

67 bags were sold


9 button sets

6 leather hats

14 wristbands and straps

30 cast-lead medallions

14 leather sandals

22 leather hairpieces

2 leather vests

3 guitar straps

28 pot hangers

Leather belts

20 belts priced at $12 and up

17 belts priced at $10 to $12

30 belts priced at $8 to $10

10 belts priced at $7 to $8

24 belts priced at $6 to $7

14 belts priced at under $5

115 belts were sold

Jobbed Goods

42- brass belt buckles

34- pairs of shoe laces

3- bags of leather scraps

27- cans of wax, neatsfoot oil or saddle soap

45- key cases, key rings and key fobs

Leather poaches

6 leather pouches at $10 and up

8 leather pouches at $8 to $10

20 leather pouches at $6 to $8

6 leather pouches at $4 to $6

9 leather pouches at $3 to $4

5 leather pouches at $2 to $3

35 leather pouches at $1 to $2

7 leather pouches at under $1

96 leather poaches were sold

Leather wallets

3 leather wallets at $10 and up

13 leather wallets at $5 to $10

9 leather wallets at under $5

25 wallets were sold

Leather watchbands

6 leather watchbands at $5 and up

31 leather watchbands at $3 to $5

37 leather watchbands were sold

Leather boxes

17 leather boxes at $15 and up

4 leather boxes at under $15

21 leather boxes were sold

640 items were sold in November-December 1973

The retail value of sales in November was $1,317.60

The retail values of sales in December was $3,714.29

1970 Christmas Catalogue

Beginning in 1970 the craftsmen at the Ragnarokr leather shop prepared a Christmas sales catalogue which was mailed to its list of wholesale buyers. In 1970 the wholesale operation was named the Fourth World. The Christmas catalogue was illustrated with line drawings showing each item in the catalogue. The following transcription omits the drawings but contains the text of the catalogue.


Christmas Catalogue

Fourth World

33 Baldwin Street

Toronto 130, Ont.

Representing Ragnarokr Cordwainery and Mud Farm


Item 3/1 is a Man’s Satchel Purse of heavy leather, laced and with an adjustable shoulder strap, 13” x 11” x 3”, priced at $15.00 each.

Item 3/2 is a Pouch with braided shoulder strap and a carved sole leather buckle, 13” x 11”, priced at $14.00 each.

Item 3/3 is a Travel Bag of suede with a braided shoulder strap, bag attached with brass rings, height 10”, diameter 15”, priced at $14.00 each.

Item 3/4 is a Patchwork Suede Pouch with a flat bottom and draw-string closure. It is available in two sizes. The large size (9” diameter) is priced at $6.00 each. The small size (5” diameter) is priced at $4.00 each.


Item 4/1 is Stiff sole leather in several shapes and sizes, affixed with a wooden skewer and price at $1.00 each. They are available in a- spiral, b- fan shaped, c- kidney, d- rectangular shapes.

Item 4/2 is a Friendship Knot, made of softer and more pliable leather, affixed with a wooden skewer and priced at $0.75 each.


Item 1/1 is dark brown or tan split cowhide with adjustable tie or buckle (specify which)and priced at $1.50 each. Specify a- with brass eyelets, b- with brass plated findings, c-with nickel plated rings, d- knotted, e- braided or f- dog collar.

Tooled Hairpieces

Item 2/1 is the same as 4/1b and 4/1c but with hand tooled design and priced at $1.50 each. Specify a- kidney shape or b- fan shape.


Item 3/5 is a ladies bag with braided shoulder strap, 8” x 11” x 4”, priced at $13.00 each.

Item 3/6 is a laced bag similar to the above, 9” x 12” x 4”, priced at $13.00 each.


Item 6/1 is a change or cosmetic pouch in various colours and priced at $0.75 each.

Item 6/2 is a change or cosmetic pouch, with fringe and priced at $1.25 each.

Item 6/3 is a belt pouch (designed to be attached to a belt), priced at $1.25 each.

Item 6/4 is a belt pouch with fringe in various colours and priced at $1.50 each.


Item 5/1 is a belt with buckle, 1” to 1 ¾” wide, nickel plated or solid brass buckle, priced at $4.50 each.

Item 5/2 is a belt with double rings, 1” to 2 ½” wide, nickel plated or solid brass rings, priced at $4.50.

Item 5/3 is a braided belt with either buckle or rings , priced at $5.50.

Item 5/4 is a belt made of ircles and squares of sole leather and latigo lacing and is priced at $8.00 each.


Item 7/1 is a braided ring, priced at $0.75 each.

Item 7/2 is a simple band, priced at $0.50 each.


Item 8/1 is a simple circle of soling, priced $0.75 each.

Item 8/2 is a braided bracelet, priced at $1.25 each.

Item 8/3 is a double braided bracelet, priced at $1.25 each.


Item 9/1 is a hand-tooled, sole leather wristband priced at $3.50 each.

Item 9/2 is a band with snaps, priced at $1.25 each.


Item 10/1 is made of suede leather with a wide stiff brim, priced at $10.00 each.

Item 10/2 is made of suede leather with a narrow stiff brim, priced at $8.00 each.

Item 10/3 has a wide floppy brim and is priced at $6.00 each.


Item 11/1 is a soft leather wallet, priced at $1.50 each.

Item 11/2 is a hand-tooled bark-tan wallet, priced at $5.00 each.


Item 12/1 is a suede watchband in various colours, priced at $1.00 each.

Item 12/2 is a hand-tooled watchband, priced at $3.00 each.


100% wool tie-dye muffler, 8 feet long and 10 4/5 inches wide, beautifully tie-dyed in two bright colours (winter blues and purples or autumn reds and golds) with six inches of yarn fringe at each end and priced at $6.00 each.

100% wool tie-dyed poncho, 54 by 60 inches, two layers of wool, reversible, each side different, tie-dyed in four harmonious colours, edge at neck and border by hand embroidery. Priced at $25.00 each.

Terms: Terms of sale are C.O.D. unless credit has been previously arranged.

Packaging: There are no extra packing or shipping charges other than the usual postage or freight and insurance which will be listed on the invoice.

Tax: 12% Federal Sales Tax is included in the list price. 5% Provincial Sales Tax, if applicable, is extra. We will provide Exemption Certificates for those holding Provincial Sales Tax Licenses.

Quantities: Allow one week before shipment for every fifty dollars of your order. We usually ship all orders within three weeks of receipt. We reserve the right to limit quantities.

Returns: Because we are a craft operation our products are not always identical. Variations usually occur in the colour and leather although occasionally the design itself may be altered. We will accept returns for whatever reason within fifteen days for either exchange or cash credit.

The leather goods presented in this catalogue are designed and produced by the Ragnarokr Cordwainery and the tie-dyes by Mud Farm. All invoicing is done by Fourth World.

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