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The Baldwin Street exile community was comprised of several hundred individuals, most of who no longer live in the neighborhood of Baldwin Village. Many still live in Toronto. The American exile community in Toronto as it is described in this writing no longer exists although most of the people mentioned in it are still alive and well. They have moved on to other things and most have moved on to more comfortable lives. Most are parents and many are grandparents. This section is intended to give the reader some idea of what happened to the draft dodgers in the years after 1980 by providing biographic material relating to some of those individuals. This chapter is intended to answer the question of, “Whatever happened to the draft dodgers who lived on Baldwin Street?” for those individuals not described in John Hagan’s book, “Northern Passage”.

Some of the individuals who played important roles in the community but for whom I lack sufficient information to write even a brief biography are Michael and Paula Letki and Patty Wilson. I would gladly entertain any submissions that add to and correct this biographic information, whether from the individual directly or from third parties.

Bie Engelen, Don Holman and Carol Huebner Venezia supplied the author with their own biography. Philip Mullins wrote the remaining biographies and accepts responsibility for errors and omissions. The material on Laura Jones, Kent B. Lawrence, Michael W. Ormsby and John Phillips was taken from John Hagan’s book and Interview Log Forms from the Multicultural History Society of Ontario collection.

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